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 31/08/2014, 07:03
200 questions - The English Olympic for youth officials 2014Historical questions:When did President Ho Chi Minh first say “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”? a. In 1966 b. In 1965 c. In 1967 d. In 1968 President Ho Chi Minh said “Hung Kings founded our country, we have to protect it together” on the occasion of?a. Visiting Tan Trao b. Visiting Hung Temple c. Talking to children Which was the enemy defeated by Le Hoan in the river Bach Dang in 981?Southern Sino-enemy (Nam Han) b. Northern Sino-enemy (Bac Han)c. Tang enemy (Duong)d. Song enemy (Tong) The battle “Ha Noi - Dien Bien in the air” defeated the air attack of the American imperialists in: a. 1968 b. 1972 c. 1973 d. 1975 Which is the first province was attacked by French Colony in Vietnam in 1858?a. Ha Noib. Nghe Anc. Da Nangd. Quang TriPresident Ho Chi Minh said “For the ten-year benefit, we should plant trees, for the 100-year benefit, we should raise people” on the occasion of:a. Visiting a class for nursery trainee teachers in September 1959b. Visiting a political class for Secondary and High school teachers all over the North of Vietnam in September 1958c. Visiting the Youth Union on the occasion of March 26th, 1966 At the end of August, where did President Ho Chi Minh write the Delaration of Independence?a. At No.48, Hang Ngang str., Hanoi b. At No.48, Hang Dao str., Hanoi c. At No.48, Hang Bun str., Hanoi When was “Dai Viet” officially used as our country’s name?a. In 1054 b. In 1055 c. In 1056 When was Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh chosen to be the capital of our country? a. Le Hoan dynasty b. Ly Thai To dynasty c. Le Thai To dynastyd. Dinh Bo Linh dynasty Who was the leader of Yen The revolution in 1884 against French Colony?a. Hoang Hoa Thamb. Phan Boi Chauc. Hoang Dieud. Phan Dinh Phung Which is the province where President Ho Chi Minh was born in?a. Ha Tinhb. Nghe Anc. Quang Binh What subject did General Vo Nguyen Giap use to teach at schools?a. Mathematics b. Chemistry c. Literatured. History When was the name “Viet Nam“officially used?a. In 1804 b. In 1380 c. In 1056d. In 1930 Who was the person that initiated the movement of youths’ studying abroad?a. Phan Chu Trinh (Duy Tan movement)b. Nguyen Thai Hoc (Vietnamese Nationalist Party)c. Luong Van Can (Dong kinh Nghia thuc movement)d. Phan Boi Chau (Dong Du movement)Who made the immortal statement “Aim straight at the enemy and shoot them down”?a. Nguyen Van Troi at the execution groundb. Nguyen Viet Xuan in the battlefieldc. Pham Tuan in the air battle against America’s B52d. Sister Ut Tich in a battleWhen did President Ho Chi Minh come back to Vietnam after 30 years tramping abroad to search for the way to save the country?a. In 1940b. In 1941 c. In 1942 d. In 1943 When did the French Colonialist invade Vietnam?a. In 1868 b. In 1858 c. In1859 d. In 1869 Who is the author of “Hich tuong si”? a. Nguyen Traib. Ngo Quyen            c. Tran Hung Dao    d. Dinh Bo Linh When was the poem “Nam quoc son ha” delivered by Ly Thuong Kiet? a. At the end of the 1st revolution against Tong enemyb. On surrounding Tong enemy in Ung Chau townc. In the battle against Tong enemy at Nhu Nguyet riverd. After defeating Chiem Thanh enemy When was the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi?a. 10th October 2008 b. 10th October 2009c. 10th October 2010 d. 1st October 2010 When was the “Capital- moving Decree” (known as Chieu Doi Do) delivered by Ly Cong Uan? a. In 1010 b. In 1011 c.

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